My Texas Instruments Calculator Applications

 Here are my programs for the Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators. As for right now, there is only one application on this page. I rightfully claim that I wrote the entire program from beginning to end. The Binary Application was written by me, using TI-BASIC on a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition.

About and Instructions

My Computer Science Application is below. It is called "Comp Sci," and it is a zip file. The entire program was written in TI-BASIC, converted into a HEX file using Martin Warmer's "BasicBuilder 3.0," and then digitally authorized for use as an APP on a TI Calculator using "Wappsign," which is a utility from the TI Calculator SDK.

In order to get the application onto your calculator, you must do the following:

  1. Have a TI Graphing Calculator, and a cord to connect the calculator to your computer.
  2. Download TI Connect (Google it, and choose one for your calculator.) It is required to transfer files to your calculator.
  3. Install TI Connect on your computer.
  4. Turn your calculator on, connect it to your computer, and open TI Connect.
  5. Click on TI Device Explorer in TI Connect, and wait for it to find your calculator.
  6. Once the TI Device Explorer finds your calculator, exit out to the main TI Connect program.
  7. Download the below "Comp" program to your desktop.
  8. Open the file, READ THE READ ME, and then drag and drop the comp sci program onto the main TI Connect screen.
  9. Wait a few seconds (maybe 10) before it starts transferring files. I don't know why it waits before transferring, but just know that it does.
  10. After the file was successfully transferred, you can exit the TI Connect program, and disconnect your calculator from the computer.
  11. Now, you can press the "APPS" button on your calculator, click on "Binary," and use the program.
  12. Further instructions are below.

!!! READ The READ ME file !!!

  1. Wappsign will not digitally sign files unless they meet a certain file size limit. In order to save space, I have removed all instructions from inside the programs, and put them into the READ ME file.
  2. The READ ME file contains all instructions pertaining to using the interfaces.
  3. The Comp Sci program would be considered Version 2.0 of my original binary program. The changes include
  • Improved memory management during and after execution
  • Faster execution
  • Includes octals
Comp Comp
Size : 0.005 Kb
Type : zip

 !!! READ The READ ME file !!!

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